Why Focussed Outcomes?

Focussed Outcomes

We live in a busy, deadline orientated world.  The truth is that few managers have the time and capacity to keep up to date on any of the issues pertaining to labour legislation, leadership, communications, improving the skills and bilities of their staff; to say nothing of themselves.

They do not have time to deal with disciplinary hearings or are unaware of the related procedures: is it misconduct, is it incapacity and which form of incapacity – poor performance or ill-health?   As a result many disciplinaries and ‘incapacity’ matters are dismissed at the CCMA, more so, where management are uncertain how to proceed within that body.

Focussed Outcomes can not only advise the correct procedures to follow but also provide  an  independent, unbiased chairman on the company’s behalf.  As Focussed Outcomes is a member of the South African United Employers’ Organisation, we are also able to represent your company at the CCMA provided you are also a member.  Training is also available as to how best to investigate, prepare and initiate these procedures. 

Perhaps your company – or you as an individual – is involved in a dispute with customers, suppliers, third-parties or staff.  We offer a dispute resolution service (arbitration, negotiation, mediation, facilitation) where we assist the disputing parties to reach a settlement without resort to expensive, time-consuming litigation.   Our facilitation service is also very useful in problem solving matters.  And when you have the opportunity to present to a client for that major deal, we can assist in preparing the oral and visual presentation – providing a concise, winning presentation.

Focussed Outcomes is also a member of the South African United Employers Organisation.

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